Sep 10, 2012

*photo of chris & i by kate daigneault

a story about succulents ...

this past july my husband and i hosted a reception to celebrate our marriage (we got married the past december in a very small private beachside ceremony ... more on that later).  i had been succulent-obsessed for a while so when we were discussing what we wanted to use for centerpieces the decision was easy!

a few months before the party my mom and i were able to go pick out our succulent babies at etsy seller SucculentsGalore's green house.  

our babies the day we picked them out:

chris & his dad built planter boxes:

my in-laws took on the task of caring for the succulent-grandbabies for a few months and then it was july!

after the reception chris & i were happy to gift many of the planters to our family & friends. 

we took some home as well, and this past weekend we replanted them in to a more permanent home:

(thank you pinterest for the great idea!).

what do you think?  we are really loving our cinder-block planter.  it was a quick, easy project.  we got it done in an afternoon after a quick trip to our local lowe's.  



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